Mantic 2015 Summary

Just picked up on this 2015 summary from Mantic.  Very interesting reading.  Having followed the Deadzone kickstarter a bit I know there have been a few complaints and comments that Mantic have not lived up to their previous high standards of customer communication.


This blog post gives an answer why and it seems like overall it is a good thing, if perhaps with some short term pain.  Mantic have grown exponentially in the last couple of years and perhaps the last couple of kickstarters have caught up with them because they have been too damn popular.  Probably not enough staff in place to deal with demand, and this post seems to admit the ball was dropped slightly.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

It is a very difficult 'chicken and egg' situation to manage, you cannot hire staff when the income is not there, but when things explode you are then playing catch-up.  Add in a customer base who probably do not have the first clue about running a business and you need to keep up with that good communication.

However the fact that Mantic have increased their customer base so massively can only be positive for the company and hobby.  There is a lot of good will towards the company and hopefully they continue to be as transparent as practical.

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