White Dwarf 98 - Chaos Gaunt Summoners

The latest White Dwarf is out with a focus on Chaos.

You will find:

  • An introduction to the Gaunt Summoners, Tzeentch's great schemers…
  • …followed by a stage-by-stage painting guide for them…
  • …and a warscroll containing all their rules. Make sure you've got some spare Daemons around, as he's pretty good at summoning them.
  • We present the Clash of Titans battleplan from Chaos Battletome: Everchosen. Who will win, Archaon, or the Great Necromancer?
  • In 'Eavy Metal, our esteemed painters pick out a couple of models that exemplify the art of painting different textures.
  • We take a closer look at Qianwei Shi's award-winning entry into Golden Demon: Tanks, the amazing 'Tank Orkshop'.
  • Last week we took a look at the many interwoven stories of the Horus Heresy, as told through the Black Library novels of the same name. This week's issue features the second part of the article, focusing on the Raven Guard, the Ultramarines, and the Shattered Legions.
  • Plus plenty more besides, including colourful sorcerers, daemonic discs, a multi-barreled mega-cannon, an angry head and a question about hairstyles.


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