Review - Quick Reaction Force Hills

Getting good quality terrain can sometimes be hard.  Who has not been stung when choosing some great looking hills or hedges on Ebay, only to find when they arrive that it looks like a squashed bit of cardboard with poor quality flock flaking off in piles.

I needed a few hills recently.  Previously I had got some amazing hills at The Scene but they have not had any for ages.  So my next port of call was Quick Reaction Force who also do plenty of scenery.

I bought packets of Medium and Large hills and though I would give them a quick review.

The hills are all randomly made which is good, you will never get one the same.

It was also good that all my medium hills sat on top of the large hills, so you could get taller hills. These were initially bought for 15mm but this makes them more useful for Warhammer and 28mm in general (see photo below).

The price is quite good at £4 per packet.  £4 gets you wither two large hills or three medium hills. This seems like good value to me and lets you quickly build up a large landscape.  In my search of other sources I could find none cheaper.

The hills are well flocked and look good on the table.

The hills are pretty thin, at about half and inch (12mm) wide.  This is not an issue per se, but they are made of polystyrene. This is not the strongest of material and it would be very easy to snap a hill in half, or  lean an elbow on the table and end up with a crater in the hill.  They also need stored carefully.   The majority of this issue can be overcome by by sticking the underside with some thin card.  This stabilises the hill.

I like this product, looks good on the table and at a reasonable price.  I really do not want to fork out large amounts of money for some bumps on the table.   Although there is some doubt on durability that is an issue for all such polystyrene hills. Overall they do what it says on the tin and QRF are a great company to deal with.

Score 8.5/10.

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