Star Wars Imperial Assault Alliance Smuggler

Fantasy Flight Games now have an Alliance Smuggler Ally pack preview up on their site.

"The forces of the Rebel Alliance are scattered throughout the galaxy, often cut off from other supporters of the Rebel cause. Seclusion is necessary—if the Empire could easily locate the Rebel forces, they would be easily exterminated. However, this means that the Rebel Alliance needs daring men and women to supply its freedom fighters with weapons, medicine, and the equipment they need to keep fighting the Empire. These smugglers constantly put their life at risk to serve the Rebellion, and with the Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack, you can bring their bold skills to your games of Imperial Assault!

After the fashion of other Ally Packs and Villain Packs, the Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack includes one sculpted Alliance Smuggler figure, new missions for the campaign and skirmish games, and an assortment of new Mission cards, Command cards, Deployment cards, and Skirmish cards. Unlike other figure pack expansions, however, the Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack has no corresponding larger expansion, meaning that the Alliance Smuggler enters the game for the first time in this expansion.and other fearless souls."

Source and further information

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Wargame Vault
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