Review - Imperial Guard Stormtroopers

Well sort of a review.  I am not sure if you can review something that was released 15 years ago. However here we go.

I recently picked up a hand full of old style Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum in new money) Storm Troopers.  I already had a couple but want to expand to a squad for skirmish gaming i.e. absolutely nothing to do with 40K.  Having just purchased Deadzone I think they will make a nice additional home grown faction.

I just love the aesthetic of these models.  Sure the sculpting has perhaps been surpassed by more recent sets but I feel these are still very characterful and detailed miniatures.   To me they fit far better with Post-Apocalyptic gaming as the human survivalists, or near future space gaming.   The figures would sit perfectly with those produced by companies like Pig Iron and Ramshackle Games.

So if that is you gaming preference you should pick up a few on

Imperial Guard Stormtroopers

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