Mantic Kings of War Uncharted Empires available

Mantic Kings of War Uncharted Empires is available for pre-order and coming to your gaming table very soon.

Nine brand new Kings of War armies giving budding generals a whole host of new options and dastardly tricks to outfox and out-fight their opponents, including 

The Brotherhood
Salamander Armies
The Herd
The League of Rhordia
The Trident Realms of Neritica
The Empire of Dust 
Night-Stalker Armies
Ratkin Armies

New special rules to further enrich your playing experience.  Lots of new background information on all the armies and the units within them.

The obvious is that it also gives more options for importing your Warhammer Fantasy Battles armies into Kings of War e.g. Skaven.

Buy Uncharted Empires

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