Forge World Horus Heresy - Rapid Onslaught Force

Horus Heresy Rapid Onslaught force is available for pre-order from Forge World.

Rapid Onslaught Force

"Descending from the void to the heart of battle, Thunderhawk Gunships were built to deliver troops to where they are most needed, and inflict tremendous damage on the enemy along the way. Heavily armed and armoured, the Thunderhawk can carry a large number of troops, and even Legion Dreadnoughts into battle with impressive speed, leaving the enemies of Mankind no time to prepare for the onslaught."

Rapid Onslaught Force contains:

  • a Thunderhawk gunship; 
  • twenty Space Marines in MkIII ‘Iron Armour’; 
  • twenty Umbra Ferrox pattern bolters; 
  • a Relic Contemptor Dreadnought; 
  • a Contemptor pattern close combat fist; 
  • and a Contemptor pattern Heavy Bolter.

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