Games Workshop White Dwarf 100 available now

White Dwarf 100 is now available

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"Our centenary issue is a huge celebration of 2015, a look back at all the wonderful miniatures, books, boxed games, board games and supplements that have come out this year. As we found out, a lot can happen in a year, including the End Times, the Age of Sigmar, Betrayal at Calth, Harlequins, Skitarii, Space Marines, Tau… the list goes on! We also ask you to vote for your top five miniatures of 2015, which you can email to us at the White Dwarf email address. We'll be announcing the model of the year in White Dwarf some time next year once we've counted up all the votes (we received over 600 last year and Grots aren't known for their counting skillz)."


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