Warhammer Slaneesh - their own end of times?

Interesting post over at DakkaDakka about some of the potential (and confirmed by sources) releases from Games Workshop in 2016.  New Dwarf armies and a few changes for Chaos etc.

What stands out for me is the rumour about Slaanesh being written down, and speculation that they may be written out of the fluff.  Of course Slaanesh has already been pushed out in Age of Sigmar but looks like 40K will also see this happen.

Slaanesh being written out would probably not be much of a surprise, as a glance at some of the old models I have would show!  Slaanesh is after all the God of lust, hedonism and pleasure, literally the 'Master of Pleasure'.  It does not sit too comfortably with the stated audience of Games Workshop products.  The recent models are only slightly better!  It would seem a crying shame to me if they were written out as to me these are some of the best models produced by Games Workshop.  The aesthetic of Chaos is one of the main things I love about Warhammer, the old Realms of Chaos book having first sparked the interest.  In particular Slaanesh have some outrageous models, and you can let the colour palette go wild - so much more interesting than another Space Marine...

Would you be sad to see Slaanesh go?

Slaanesh Daemonette from yesteryear - not exactly 'PC' these days...

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