Games Workshop 40th Birthday party

Well how to feel old.  You already feel old when all the 'established' TV stars you watched as a child start to die off like Mayflies at the end of the summer.  And then you find out GW is 40!  To be fair I am still a noob having only been following GW stuff for 30 years.

2016 will see Games Workshop reach there 41st year and to celebrate they will be having a party at Warhammer World.  You can buy a ticket now.

So what can you look forward to at Games Workshop’s Fantastic 40th Birthday Party?

  • Be one of the first to get amazing pre-release Forge World models. 
  • New t-shirts for both the Forge World and Citadel ranges. 
  • New art prints to purchase, including some classic and iconic images from the last 40 years. 
  • Gaming area to join in with both new and old favourites. 
  • Have a go at digital games like Talisman, Xenos, 
  • Freeblade and more. 
  • Fast and fun hobby challenges, including Scrap Demon. 
  • Team up and take on our special Birthday quiz. 

Source (where you can get a ticket!)

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