Games Workshop new start collecting boxed sets

So the rumour mill on natfka and elsewhere is predicting that Games Workshop will shortly be bringing out 'Start Collecting' box sets which will be a real bargain, in GW terms at least!  Each box set will be £50 GBP.  The sets will not be direct order only so will be available at further discount from your favourite third party retailer.

As a former Tau collector this seems like a good chance to get back in there.  Nurgle look good too. No Eldar unfortunately but maybe in the future.

This would nearly be a return to 15 years ago when a Battle Force was £50, and as low as £37 from third party retailers.

It is an interesting departure for GW and does seem like a concerted effort to realign prices for the beginner.   Perhaps they have been listening to the Vets who have long wanted a decrease in prices? Doubtful, market forces are what drive policy in public limited companies so it seems GW are looking at their decreasing market share and player bases and making amends in an attempt to bring in new players.

What do you think?

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